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World of Warcraft

Why YOU Might Need a New MAIN Come WotLK Classic

WOTLK brings a lot new changes to the game. You might find yourself not enjoying your main anymore.

in Wrath of the Lich King, there are an insane amount of class changes, classes that really weren’t viable before it actually became powerful, real DPS rotations coming into play Crazy ability tuning and balancing and even a whole new class. Welcome back. Ladies and gentlemen to the channel my name is Skye and today we’re going to be talking about why you might need a new main congrats which King classic.

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So overall, if you’re playing a certain class or expecting to play right now, or you have some concerns about the one you’re playing at the moment, now would be the perfect time to explore some new options.

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A ton of people have completely different classes that they play in retail World of Warcraft, compared to the classic era, because usually the gameplay styles are just completely different. And if you take it from the earliest era of classic servers to today’s while you will see a massive difference in gameplay style.


But now with wrath of lich king for the first time ever in classic servers, we’re finally starting to get a good mix of retail and classic gameplay styles becoming combined. Having almost the best of both worlds.


It’s super fun, engaging rotations, gameplay, while also having that little bit of a slower pace and soldier type feeling where buttons actually feel meaningful when you press them, meaning that class specs that you absolutely fell in love with and enjoy playing in retail could really be an option for you now in Wrath Lich King or the classic servers.

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And for the most part, almost every spec could be played in both PvE and PvP. You have to know what your style of gameplay is and try to find it and wrathful Lich King, because it could definitely be an option.

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Now in this iteration of the game, you could be an affliction Warlock who’s managing a ton of dots on a target or a fire mage managing your grip procs for some nasty pirate last, maybe a fury warrior dual wielding massive weapons for some big pumping damage, and even trialed some of the new greatest DPS in the game. This expansion with unholy and frost Death Knight now becoming an option. No matter what there are a ton of new windows that have just opened up with the class overhauls and rebalancing.

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It’s a really such an amazing thing and a great opportunity for us to see what this expansion has to offer for us specifically, with the chance to play on brand new fresh servers in a couple of weeks on the pre patch launch.

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And the increased experience game making this opportunity even more available to the average player, you’ll have the chance to level a class from one to 80 on a server and every one starting off fresh. That means new professions, gameplay style, pacing, and maybe even changing from a DPS to a completely different role maybe like a tank or healer to try out a new experience.

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Even learning a new class can be such a refreshing change a place for people to really allow them to fall in love with the game again and give them that brand new perspective and histologic feeling like they once had before. Throughout my time playing retail I mostly played a row. And while I loved row trying to play in classic era, it just never felt right to me.

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This led me to playing a completely different class and spec as a whole, which was retribution Paladin. I loved having a massive amount of utility with orangey type massive crit damage in the class Fantasy was just so exciting to me. And I’ve never been able to let go of retribution since the classic while relaunch the leveling experience and wrath of Lich King compared to TDC.

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And Classic is massively different. And adding to this with a 50% XP bonus, it’s really going to feel great to level the new character. Even if you start leveling one or two classes during the pre patch and get them pretty high level and decide I don’t know maybe you want to stop playing because the gameplay style just feels off, you can at least say that you tried to find something new and more entertaining when the opportunity arose.

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And let’s be honest here, Wrath of Lich King, every class looks like so much fun, and every speck seems viable or at least playable in some form of content, whether it be PvP or PvE. So taking the time to level up to try and find a new ALT or to even have one at all is super entertaining and fun as well.

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I know for a fact I’m going to be playing a ton this expansion and I’m going to have one or two alts to play to try and just have fun and experience something new. Taking advantage of the bonus XP and boosting up a couple characters is going to be invaluable and you’re not going to regret it.

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Personally, me and Lance are doing an absolute ton of testing on the warming service to try out boatloads of different classes and specs. And it has helped us both tremendously on narrowing it down. I was always interested in trying out rogue and failed route at max level. And while I was doing my testing, I realized I didn’t really enjoy the hit and run play style and I went back to doing more testing on my retribution Paladin.

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By simply taking a few hours of research and testing. It cleared up my doubts by taking my potential new main class specs off the table entirely. And it even helped me decide my new main alt which is going to be elements of Charmin.

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I’m picking Elemental Shaman because it’s very different compared to my main class retribution Paladin, which is a hybrid Mela. It will bring me a very new refreshing change of pace of casting from afar, dealing massive burst damage and bringing amazing utility in my teammates.

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I think it’s very important to do this because it will always bring something new and entertaining, offering you challenges that usually won’t face on your main character, enticing you to figure them out to bring a whole new different scenario to conquer. One last thing I want to mention is to look up how your glass performs on private servers to see if the light OGS fit with you specifically.

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Now this isn’t for everyone and I don’t necessarily recommend it for most people really only the min max errs and hardcore players. But if you are playing something that is super strong right now in TBC it could be completely different come wrath of Lich King compared to its previous stronger self classes like marksmanship Hunter and feral druid in retribution Paladin are super strong DPS class specs and wrath went before they weren’t as strong as some of the other classes. So if you’re looking for a class spec that is super strong, be sure to do as much research and testing as possible so you can get a general idea of how they perform if that’s the route you want to go.

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Remember, ladies and gentlemen, the most important thing is to play what you find fun. We make content to help out the average player by bringing them safe and strong classes to help them and a solo type of experience. But just know at the end of the day, Wrath of the Lich King is a lot more lenient with the class and spec decision making compared to Vanilla WoW. No longer is the time of filling your raid up with five to eight of the same class specs over and over.

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Now comes the era of each spec bringing very powerful specific buffs only they can offer. You need to try and figure out what your goals are as a player, whether it’s trying to go for realm first or role playing in a crazy all known guild or just PDB.

It’s going to be super important for you as a player to do your research and try and figure out what you would like to see in your class. Do you want to just do raw damage? Do you want to heal for raids and PvE content? Or do you want to tank and be the beefiest boy around some classes that you may have loved in a previous expansion, but we’re not able to play or now viable again, opening up a whole new plethora of options to you as a player.

If you’re going to be playing on fresh wrath the Lich King server I highly recommend slowing down and falling in love with your brand new character again, do things you never got the chance to do in your previous characters.

Explore new zones run every dungeon. Go do a world pvp learn and keep up with your professions. Do what you want to do at your own pace. Remember ladies gentlemen, don’t forget to check out the other videos on the channel where we post tons of content on wrath of Lich King and how to better prepare overall so you’re ready come launch day. But anyways, ladies and gentlemen, that’s gonna wrap up this video on why I think you might need a new main for wrath of Lich King.

Let me know in the comments below what class and spec you’re going to be playing. Are you going to stick with your same old class? Are you going to be trying something new this time around? Are you going to stick with DPS maybe swap over to healer or even trial tanking wrath Lich King Classic is just a few weeks away and we here at the combat kids are super excited to be making content for you all.

And if you’re interested in storming the beaches in northern with us on launch day, please be sure to subscribe and click that notification bell to get alerts and updates on the channel. I want to thank you all so much for watching. My name is sky from the combat kids and I’ll see you on the next one.

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