Testing Endless.gg – Private WoW TBC Server

So, all of us are obviously heated up for WoW Classic: Burning Crusade. So to remind ourselves of the game, we decided to check upon the existing private WoW servers which offer Burning Crusade on some of it’s realms. While Atlantiss’s Karazhan was thriving past year, some months ago, the Endless GG project released their latest Windrunner realm, as fresh Burning Crusade patch 2.0

I and our guildies obviously joined the Horde, and as usually is on the Burning Crusade, the faction ratio between the Alliance and the Horde is almost 1:2 – There are approximately 35% Alliance and 65% Horde players.

With XP rates of x2, we were able to get to Outland within a week, where the rates change to x1. We are still leveling up, so I will keep this post updates. Right now it’s fun crushing through the Hellfire Peninsula’s dungeons, and getting acquainted with Outland.

Endless WoW Gold is a real mess to obtain since the fast leveling during Azeroth. Right now, most of us can not even properly train spells and abilities. Hopefully these things will change once all of us reach Level 70.

To keep things consistent within our guild, we decided to take upon Aldor instead of Scryer as Shattrath faction choice. It seems we won’t be aiming at the epic flying mounts since a recent Battle.net leak revealed that WoW Classic: Burning Crusade might launch during 1st of June, so spending 5000 for it goes out of the list, though some of us looked up for WoW TBC Boost services and are considering to experience fast flying on Endless before delving into retail Classic TBC.

It is very cool to get reminded how things work and feel during Burning Crusade. As with Classic, i suppose Blizzard’s version will have a bit different feel as they obviously do not follow the feedback from the playerbase.

Time will tell.

Ragnar Lothbrok Bracelet (Torc) Meaning – Arm Ring As Seen In Vikings

Ragnar Lothbrok Bracelet (Torc) Meaning

This Viking bracelet (torc) was inspired by Ragnar Lothbrok the world greatest Viking ever know. It is an exact replica of the bracelet he would have worn himself and the one he offered to his best friend Athelstan. Later on, after Aethelstan is killed by Floki, Ragnar gives this exact same armring to his boy Ivar in their final minutes with each other.

Vikings TV Show Ragnar Lothbrok Arm Ring
Vikings TV Show Ragnar Lothbrok Arm Ring

The gift providing tradition was so extensive in Viking culture that the term “ring-giver” happened synonymous with “king.” These arm rings and also bracelets were substantially valued by the guys who got them, however they often instilled envy in others
This bracelet is a symbol of depend on and a perfect provide for someone that respect.
It is additionally a perfect arm ring with an actual cultural importance in viking societies.

It features 2 dragon heads and the dragon is an icon of strength, courage, power, good luck, long life, as well as protection. Wearing its image can send a flood of unmentioned messages to those who you encounter.

A torc (bracelet), likewise spelled torq or torque, is a big stiff or stiff neck ring in metal, made either as a solitary piece or from hairs twisted together. The fantastic majority are open at the front, although some had hook and also ring closures as well as a few had mortice and also tenon securing catches to shut them. Several appear designed for near-permanent wear and also would certainly have been challenging to eliminate. Torcs are discovered in the Scythian, Illyrian, Thracian, Celtic, and also other cultures of the European Iron Age from around the 8th century BC to the 3rd century ADVERTISEMENT. For the Iron Age Celts the gold torc seems to have been a crucial things, recognizing the user as an individual of high rank, and also many of the finest jobs of ancient Celtic art are torcs. The Celtic torc goes away in the Movement Period, but during the Viking Age torc-style metal pendants, now mainly in silver, came back right into fashion.Torc designs of neck-ring are found as part of the jewellery designs of numerous other societies as well as periods.

The word originates from Latin torquis (or torques), from torqueo, “to turn”, as a result of the twisted form many of the rings have. Commonly, neck-rings that open at the front when worn are called “torcs” as well as those that open up at the back “collars”. Smaller sized bracelets as well as armlets used around the wrist or on the upper arm sometimes share extremely comparable kinds. Torcs were made from single or several linked metal rods, or “ropes” of twisted cable. The majority of those that have actually been located are made from gold or bronze, much less usually silver, iron or various other metals (gold, bronze and also silver endure far better than other metals when hidden for long periods). Elaborate examples, occasionally hollow, made use of a selection of methods but complex design was usually started by spreading and then functioned by further methods. The Ipswich Heap includes incomplete torcs that offer clear evidence of the stages of job. Flat-ended terminals are called “barriers”, as well as in types like the “fused-buffer” form, where what look like two terminals are really a solitary piece, the component is called a “muff”.

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Buying WoW TBC Classic Gold?

A brand-new world has emerged, and so did the longing for more gold in the game.

Why do you need gold in WoW Classic:Burning Crusade?
World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic is a recreation of the popular game WoW TBC, and it offers a fantastic gameplay experience to players. People of all age groups play this game as some die-hard fans of WoW play it to replay the best game of their childhood. Players need gold in WoW TBC Classic because it’s the main currency in the game. It is used to purchase items like armor and weapons. It is also used to buy craftable materials that do not drop from mobs.

example of farming gold in Nagrand, a popular zone in the Burning Crusade

Much like an individual requires money in the real world, a player requires gold in the video game to make the needed acquisitions. Gamers can likewise exchange gold for a WoW Token (only for Shadowlands versions) on some servers and utilize it to purchase a registration. This token will undoubtedly save you the membership price, as well as you will undoubtedly be able to play the game without paying for the membership. Since you know the significance of gold in WoW TBC, you should want to acquire gold to appreciate far better gameplay.

Back in Vanilla (pure Classic content), Scalding Whelps are over in the Badlands and require you to be around 40+ to take these down efficiently. This is probably going to be less popular than the Swamp of Sorrows location. The Dark Whelpling Pet is a possible drop from these. Finally, If you don’t want to waste more time, you can upgrade faster by buying some WOW TBC Gold.

Cheap WoW TBC Classic Gold
Do not require to discuss that gold is among the most crucial points in the W0W TBC Classic Standard.

Most players would remain in the public auction house to bid on and the market to gain even more gold.

Well, currently, you don’t need to be so tired of that because you can always buy cheap WoW TBC Classic Gold at WoWTBCGold.com.

WoW Classic – The Private Way – Fresh Vanilla WoW Realm on Hyjal called Tyr’s Hand

Many of us remember the times before Blizzard’s WoW Classic re-release. It started with the famous Nostalrius Begins, but even before that with plethora of other servers like Kronos, Feenix’s Emerald Dream and Warsong, Northdale, Nighthaven etc.

The players yearn for something fresh. Hyjal delivers: new Private WoW Classic server called Tyr’s Hand. It seems quite hyped, there are about 3000 people in the discord channel just before launch. Worthy to pay it a visit. The server goes more blizzlike than blizz, x1 rates with progressive 18 month 1.2 patch progression.

Tyr’s Hand Gold will be available on Gold4Vanilla. On the same page you can find Hyjal Tyrs Hand Powerleveling services as well.

Experience WotLK Again? New Private Server by Whitemane.gg – Mograine

A really solid chunk of the World of Warcraft playerbase considers WotLK – Wrath of the Lich King to be the golden era of WoW. The “Northren” or “Lich King” version was released in 2008. To my memory, it felt like really improved version of both Classic and TBC, a much smoother gameplay, yet still difficult when compared to the forthcoming Cataclysm and Pandaria versions.

Whitemane.gg is a new private World of Warcraft server project. Their personnel has been developing their first realm called Mograine for several years behind the scenes.

Shortly after the beta testing and it’s launch few days ago (24th January 2021), it was pronounced and awarded as the best WotLK server, guess script wise:

We are very happy to receive the Best Private Server Award 2021 from r/wowservers! With no competition and their immeasurable help with reporting some of realm issues we have won the most prestigious Gaming Award. We are not stopping here, we will continue to bring the best possible experience and fastest development and support for our players and all of wowservers community. Thank you!

It feels like the majority of the population is hailing from Europe, judging by the Polish and Spanish flags on the website, though there is solid online peak of 2500+ US players during peak times. European day / standard times show populations of above 5000 players.

You can register account on Whitemane.gg. If you need some currency, check Gold4Vanilla as usual for Whitemane Mograine gold. Mograine Gold for Whitemane is available on Gold4Atlantiss as well.

Hello world! We Love Shadowlands!

We are bringing back and reinstating our old website SMOC, this time dedicated purely for gaming. We are most impressed with the way things turned out with Shadowlands. Truly, it is a different experience than Battle for Azeroth. For the record, many will agree that it exceeded the expectations of many. Surprisingly, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, “took away” the majority of the WoW Classic population, as a popular vote on the most famous WoW Classic Instagram page can reveal from the poll result: 

WoW Classic VS Shadowlands Poll
@vanillaclassicwow on Instagram

WoW Shadowlands: What’s Different Now?

The level cap was reduced to level 60. Sylvanas broke the Helm of Domination and Azeroth was shattered, opening the doors the Shadowlands dimensions. This is in short. An article written on Polygon explains everything briefly, in the same way as we would describe it. For me personally, it means taking out the boring parts of BFA. The level cap change shifted the gruesome and boring level to 120, especially for people like me who level many alts on many different servers. What lingers in my thoughts is: why WoW Shadowlands Gold was not reduced appropriately as the level cap was. In my opinion, this creates some inconsistencies, but nevertheless it is a very exciting expansion to come. After Wrath of the Lich King, perhaps Legion and Shadowlands would be my only picks.

Shadowlands Gameplay

Is it worth playing before you re-sub and “waste” months of your life on it. Check this video which covers it all:

Last but not least, WoW Shadowlands includes a drastic graphics update. You can truly get the feel of it on the following two videos:

So What’s Up with WoW Classic Now?

Classic is still topping the charts but it seems as Shadowlands has taken the prime lead. World of Warcraft: Classic advanced beyond Naxxramas, which was the final content. For large chunk of the playerbase, there is nothing else do to PvE wise beyond that point, except for rerolling with alts or venturing into R14 PvP. On Youtube we can see that many guilds still can not push down Kel’Thuzad in Naxxramas. The flasks are not cheap, so many players turn to buying Classic WoW Gold. Believe it or not, buying gold for Classic is still very actual. I can see that many players prefer custom tailored EU/US based websites like Gold4Vanilla instead of the usual China-spam found just about anywhere.

Beyond Classic and Shadowlands: The Burning Crusade

Vanilla lovers will have a happy news very soon. Blizzard announced that “TBC” – The Burning Crusade Classic retail version is underway. Burning Crusade was the first World of Warcraft version released in 2007. Players will advance beyond the Dark Portal into the shattered world of Outlands to combat the Burning Legion. The update features improved level cap to 70, flying mounts, Draenei and Blood elf race. There is no scheduled release date but it will most likely be released sometime during the summer of 2021 or sooner. For people who would like to get a feel of the “real TBC”, we suggest checking on the Atlantiss Karazhan server. Atlantiss.eu is a private WoW Server project which has made perhaps the best Burning Crusade version so far with leveling rates of x2 up to level 58 and x1 level rates from 59-70. Gold might be a hassle for new players so do check the Atlantiss Gold websites like Gold4Atlantiss. If you are looking for WoW TBC Powerleveling, TBC Classic Accounts or any kind of Burning Crusade boost always check Gold4Vanilla.

Updated: WoW Shadowlands Hotfix: Patch Notes, Updates, Nerfs, Buffs, Covenants, Castle Nathria, Torghast & more

Let’s go over the latest WoW Shadowlands hotfix update.

Latest News – New Hotfix Arrives 12 January

A new WoW Shadowlands hotfix update went live on 12 January – continuing with changes related to covenants, Torghast, Anima Powers, and more.

These are the most recent Shadowlands hotfix patch notes:


  • Druid
    • Reverted a recent change that caused Convoke the Spirits (Night Fae Ability) to strike targets affected by crowd control abilities that break on damage, such as Entangling Roots.


  • Kyrian
    • “An Earned Bond” now displays the correct companion you will earn upon completion.
  • Night Fae
    • The point of interest indicator for “Mushroom for Improvement” should now be easier to see on the map.
  • Venthyr
  • Fixed an issue that caused the shared cinematic for Maldraxxus and Revendreth Campaigns to not play for Venthyr players.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Castle Nathria
    • Lady Inerva Darkvein
  • Resolved an issue where Lady Inerva Darkvein could not be attacked if players are defeated by her lieutenants.


  • Fixed an issue where the tribute tray and Silver Strongbox would sometimes not appear during the quest “The Sweetest Tribute.”
  • Fixed an issue where Kael’thas Sunstrider would sometimes not appear for the first scenario step during “Medallion of Dominion.”
  • Elite monsters now give more credit during the Maldraxxus Bonus Objective “Decaying Situation.”
  • Alliance players should no longer be teleported out of the Battle for Azeroth War Campaign instance of Orgrimmar when pushed “Shadowlands: A Chilling Summons.” Horde players will still be teleported out of the instance until they complete the “Through the Shattered Sky” questline due to conflicting instances for these two pieces of content.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • [For realms in the NA region only] Resolved an issue that temporarily turned off the Beasts of Prodigum event.
  • Anima Powers
    • Rogue
      • Corrected an issue where damaging Anima Powers (like Lightning Dust) were doing less damage than intended.

User Interface

  • The edge of the screen Anima visual affect that appears while dead is now removed when Reduce Camera Motion or Keep Character Centered and Reduce Camera Motion is selected in the Accessibility menu.

Balance Changes Arrive After Reset – 11 January

The newest WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset introduces some important balance changes to the game!

This includes Death Knight, Mage, and Rogue buffs for some underplayed specs.

These are the latest WoW Hotfixes patch notes:

JANUARY 11, 2021


  • The achievement Parasoling will now correctly display your current progress.


  • Death Knight
    • Blood
      • [With regional restarts] Bone Shield grants armor equal to 70% of Strength (was 50%).
    • Frost
      • [With regional restarts] All damage is increased by an additional 2% while a two-handed weapon is equipped.
  • Druid
    • General
      • [With regional restarts] Convoke the Spirits (Night Fae Ability) no longer attempts to cast spells at targets affected by Cyclone and will no longer ignore targets affected by crowd control abilities that break on damage, such as Entangling Roots or Mass Entanglement.
  • Mage
    • Frost
      • [With regional restarts] All damage abilities increased by 9%.
  • Monk
    • Brewmaster
      • [With regional restarts] All damage is increased by an additional 2% while a two-handed weapon is equipped.
    • Windwalker
      • [With regional restarts] All damage is increased by an additional 2% while a two-handed weapon is equipped.
  • Rogue
    • Asssassination
      • [With regional restarts] All damage abilities increased by 8%.
  • Warrior
    • Fury
      • [With regional restarts] All damage abilities increased by 8%, except for Bladestorm (Talent) and Dragon Roar (Talent).
  • [With regional restarts] Meat Cleaver (Talent) now increases Whirlwind’s damage by 25% (was 30%).

Dungeons and Raids

  • Theater of Pain
    • Kul’tharok
  • Draw Soul should no longer apply Soulless to Warriors while Bladestorm is active.

Items and Rewards

  • The Stamina from Tempered Armor Patch has been reduced to 24 (was 50) and can only be applied to items worn on the chest to match the Heavy Desolate Armor Kit.
    • Developers’ note: This item was always meant to be a lesser version of Heavy Desolate Armor Kit that you can earn as a rare drop or rare find on a vendor, but this item was accidentally missed when the Heavy Desolate Armor Kit was changed in Beta. The tooltip will be updated to reflect the change in a future hotfix or patch.

Player versus Player

  • Resolved an issue that prevented the base status User Interface from displaying the correct base icons in the Arathi Basin battleground.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Orb of Power icons from being displayed on the Temple of Kotmogu battleground map while they are at their pedestals.
  • Rogue
    • Outlaw
      • Resolved an issue that caused Evasion (Rank 2) to fail to strike the target with Main Gauche while Evasion is active.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the interaction of a Paladin’s Eye for an Eye (Talent) and Evasion (Rank 2) to deal more damage than intended.
  • The door to the next floor is once again locked until the Empowered enemy guarding it is defeated.
  • Anima Powers
    • Warlock
  • Fixed an issue where Pact of Infernal Intimacy stacks would reset when using portals on certain floors.

WoW Shadowlands Hotfix – 5 January

The following is the most recent hotfix update for Shadowlands, and it features more improvements to Covenants as well as some important bug fixes.


  • Kyrian
    • Fixed an issue to make it easier for multiple players in the area to receive credit properly during the quest “Succumbing to Pride.”
    • Alexandros Mograine will once again properly assist players during the quest “Pursuit of Justice.”
    • Fixed an issue where players who abandoned the quest “The Blue Seed” would be unable to exit the cave to destroy the bramble wall after accepting the quest again.
    • Fixed an issue where the point of interest indicator on the map for “Through Glass” could be in the wrong location for characters that died and released.
  • Night Fae
    • Soothing Voice (Dreamweaver Soulbind) can now be removed by effects such as Hand of Freedom.
    • The starting location for “Searching the Grove” now has a point of interest indicator and should now be easier to see on the map.
  • Venthyr
    • Fixed an issue that caused the quest “Sanctum Upgrade: Mirror Network” to display twice for players who had completed Laurent’s rescue mission.
  • Fixed an issue with the Campaign Chapter progress text requesting players to rescue Laurent from the Ember Ward instead of the correct requirements to complete the chapter.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Resolved an issue that could cause players to be unable to loot Shadowlands’ World Bosses if the boss is defeated while the player is offline.
  • Iceshatters’ Pulsing Shards now deal appropriate damage.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Castle Nathria
    • [For realms in the NA region only] Resolved an issue that could prevent the door leading towards Artificer Xy’mox from opening after defeating Sun King’s Salvation in Raid Finder Wing 2, “Reliquary of Opulence.”
  • De Other Side
    • Mueh’zala
      • Resolved an issue where Crushed Soul damage was higher than intended on Mythic Keystone difficulty.
  • Timewalking
  • Lowered the amount of loot per person in Timewalking raids to better match Shadowlands raid drop rates.

Items and Rewards

  • Covenant set bonuses now fade immediately when the armor granting the set bonus is removed.
  • The Path of Greed effect gained when opening certain Revendreth Treasures can now be removed by right clicking the effect’s icon.

Pet Battles

  • Certain low-level pet battle quests are no longer suppressed for characters that have not done the introductory quests to Battle for Azeroth.


  • Fixed an issue where some Threads of Fate players were unable to use the Sinfall Flight Master.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tithelord could sometimes become stuck during the first phase of the quest “The Tithelord.”
  • Fixed an issue where level 50 characters could not accept the Twilight Highlands quest “Twilight Shores.”
  • Fixed an issue where the quest “Light Camera Action” would be unavailable to certain characters.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Players Expect More Shadowlands Hotfixes

While Blizzard spent plenty of time balancing WoW Shadowlands in its first two weeks, that pace has gone entirely cold, as we haven’t had a new major balance update since 22 December.

But during this delay, players have had plenty to complain about. Complaints include some PVE tank classes entirely running the PVE scene, burst damage classes like Rogue, Mage, and Paladin wreaking havoc on organized PVP, and a decent gap in the Shadowlands DPS rankings.

The next opportunity for Blizzard to release a significant WoW Shadowlands hotfix patch will be the upcoming Weekly Reset on 12 January – we can only hope some changes come through.

Bug Fixes Ahead of the Holidays

WoW Shadowlands has some nice new bug fixes and changes that arrived on 22 December, thanks to a new hotfix update.

You can read over the full hotfix patch notes here!

Torghast Nerfs

Players have complained plenty about the difficulty of Torghast and issues with certain specs clearing the new roguelike pve endgame game mode.

Why WoW Shadowlands? The 10 New Expansion Features

Shadowlands might be the biggest change of pace World of Warcraft has seen yet. These are the most important new features players should be aware of.

The largest heavyweight in MMO gaming is about to deliver a serious haymaker. World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment has never taken to resting on their laurels, constantly feeding their loyal community regular updates and expansions. The world of Azeroth has been expanded, torn down, reconstructed, had its political leaders change, and had its terrain altered since gamers first set foot in it. Yet, somehow, Shadowlands looks to be the biggest change of pace yet.

Not everything is getting bigger. Some parts of the game will be condensed while others have been reworked for simplicity. The world is taking place largely in the realm of the dead. Without revealing any spoilers, just don’t be too surprised to see any heroes that have fallen take a leading role in the lore. This is only the tip of the iceberg, as the mechanics and features are evolving to match the twisted new environment.

10Level Compression

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Loading Screen

Blizzard took a long, hard look at how to improve the free-to-play experience for players so that they would become purchasers and subscribers of the full product. It turns out that that questing until level 130 was not something that enticed very many people.

The new maximum level is going back down to its original maximum of 60. The statistical bonuses should behave the same way so that players don’t notice a huge falloff, but it should make leveling, if not easier, more straightforward.

9New Starting Zone

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Exile's Reach Overhead Shot

With so much of the player base already established, starting over again is a somewhat eerie experience. There are bustling cities with NPCs, but almost all of the community never visits these capitals.

Instead of letting players potentially start in one of Azeroth’s creepiest areasWorld of Warcraft has constructed a unified starter zone called Exile’s Reach that will level up players to 10 and end with a three-person practice dungeon so that newbies feel more at home.

8New Base Cosmetic Choices

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Three Races New Cosmetics

Through no fault of the players, who have been asking for more customization options for years now, World of Warcraft really did not feel comfortable adding more diversity, specifically in the area of character creation.

The team has decided that that unfortunate limitation ends with the next expansion. On top of more body colors and face shapes, there will be some excellent cultural tattoos that will help enhance the game’s aesthetic diversity.

7Expanded Death Knight Races

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Bolvar Promotional Art

The Death Knight is already the most versatile class when it comes to character creation by allowing many core races from both the Horde and the Alliance to arise as a hero from beyond the grave. Now they’re taking the next step.

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In Shadowlands, players of any race will now be able to select the Death Knight class. So prepare to see a lot more of those haunting undead horses among the rest of the rare mounts out there when cruising around Azeroth.


World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Covenant Armors

A controversial new addition to the game will be an integral part of the late game leveling experience. Players will meet one of these Covenants as they enter an area. The Covenant will give the players unique moves based on their class.

Additionally, the best transmog configurations will have to scoot over and make some room; early indications show that the game’s Covenants will also give the individual classes access to new sets of armor.


World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Soulbinding Tree

As if the Covenants needed any more importance in Shadowlands, these arbiters of the underworld are also giving players a brand new talent tree when a player declares their allegiance to them. And not just one tree; players will get to overview several trees.

It’s believed that players will only be able to choose one at a time, which will make the character builds very dependent upon the leveling. This is something that World of Warcraft players will have to get used to discussing when comparing builds.

4Roguelike Tower

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Wallpaper Torghast Tower

For those who played the beta, they know there is one big takeaway that gamers just couldn’t get enough of. A new dungeon called Torghast, Tower of the Damned will make its debut, re-introducing gamers to characters with troubling backstories that they will remember fondly. By design, this single creation keeps dungeoneering fresh and interesting.

Torghast will change after every run-through. Each new room will give access to different buffs and change the way the players behave if they must win. It is punishing to those who prefer a set rotation, but for those who understand their abilities, the reward is worth the challenge.

3Controller Compatability

Xbox Series X Controller Wallpaper Image

No, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is not gearing up to become the next best home console launch title. But they are taking a step in bringing accessibility to players who might not be able to play the game with a traditional mouse and keyboard.

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Players initially revolted against the idea that a game like World of Warcraft should ever be played with a controller. Blizzard made it clear that they were making it possible for Shadowlands, but would not be diluting the gameplay. The idea was to get gamers involved who suffer from a disability that doesn’t allow them to use a standard PC setup.

2Mythic Plus Rework

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Celestial Bridge Overhead Shot

Players will still be carrying their favorite battle pets into dungeons with difficulties set on mythic plus, but the rest of the system has been overhauled. It looks like it’s going to be a lot harder to get that coveted weekly gear.

Finished runs will now only yield a single item when the mythic plus difficulty is selected. A difficulty of mythic plus two will have to be completed to receive any weekly gear at all. These rewards will now be called the Great Vault. Getting anything from it will be a tough first task after hitting the max level.

1Legendary Runecarving

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Runecarving Station

World of Warcraft has served up legendary items differently so many times that it has become comedic. From randomly dropping to class trainer dispersal, nobody can fault Blizzard for trying to find a way to make them worthwhile.

Shadowlands is introducing an overhauled way of getting a legendary item called runecarving. The process will imbue armor (instead of weapons), with legendary features to perhaps help from taking on those mythic pluses that the community is preparing for.

Post taken from https://gamerant.com/world-warcraft-shadowlands-new-features/