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WotLK Classic FRESH LAUNCH Experience | Day 1 Pre-Patch

WOTLK Classic, at least the PrePatch was finally released. See The Fresh Launch Experience Straight from Day 1:

Classic wrath of lich king is out that is the pre patch, which means all abilities and spells talents, the whole class design, everything is available as it would be unraveled Lich King, except the new content Northrend and level 70. Plus, the fresh servers have launched and you’re able to create a death night on the nonferrous servers already without restrictions. So you can make a dk even if it is your first character on the realm, you no longer need an existing level 55 character on fresh you can make a dk only if you meet the requirement of having an existent level 55 On the same realm, a launch today after midnight for the NA region and in the early morning for the EU region. Both of these times are from my perspective living in the Central Europe. As soon as I opened the Battlenet app first thing that jumped out was a character boost option.

Oh the fresh servers are: Skyfury, Maladath, Thekal and Giantstalker

So they introduced it today with a pre patch launch and you can choose between two options. The first one Northrend heroic upgrade costs 50 euros and the other one northren epic upgrade costs 80 euros, you can use the level 70 Boost only once per while account. You cannot use it to boost the decay and it’s not usable for characters on the fresh realms with belt options for 50. And for 80 euros you get level 70 character boost expert writing skill for the boosted character appropriate gear amount and starting gold and a bunch of other bullshit. You also get 30 days of game time with the epic upgrade. Not really worth it. In my opinion. I don’t know how much gold you get that would be good to know. Maybe I boosted character for the research purposes to make a video about what exactly you get with it. But paying 50 euro for that now I think I’ll pass I got in game at 830 Starting my live stream right away and was expecting to be stuck in a queue for some 30 plus minutes.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t I was able to get in the game instantly with no issues. I play on the fresh EO PvP server cycle cycle, the Cal FeCO whatever. I made a female human Paladin or I should say body type to human Paladin, seriously what kind of be assistance. So I get to choose between two body types. One of which is a juiced up handsome man, male species. And the other body type is a slim female species aka woman. I don’t even know what is politically correct. So pardon me if I offended you by calling you a man or a male? I hope you don’t sue me. Of course, let’s pretend these are the only two body types there are and create some prejudice and false expectations. Is that what you want to Blizzard? I hope buddy tech number three, four and five will be coming soon, including transvestite options too.

Are Skyfury, Maladath, Thekal and Giantstalker The Only Fresh WOTLK Classic Servers?

The new servers are split between US and EU, PvP and PvE in the following order: Skyfury US PvP, Maladath US PvE, Thekal EU PvP and Giantstalker EU PvE respectively. You can find more information on our Skyfury WOTLK, Maladath WOTLK, Thekal WOTLK and Giantstalker WOTLK pages.

And of course, since it’s no longer nice to talk of men and women, the racial ability for humans was changed, or rather just its name. So from now on, it’s no longer every man for himself. Instead, it’s every body type for themselves. No, just kidding. It’s called well to survive. Let’s address the haters and the doubters. Now many people were saying all the launch is not going to be anything like on warming, there’s not going to be nearly as many people there’s layering so you won’t see them. All of this was a complete beep. Even though I came some hours after the launch starting zones, and even the leveling zones up to level 20. Were so full packed of people that I was unable to do like half the quests in the zones. And the quests that I was able to do, I had to do them at half the speed at best waiting for the mobs to respond. The response time for the mobs is extremely boosted. So they spawn really fast props to Blizzard for that.

But still, as I said, there are many quests where you are not able to do them at all unless you want to be doing it for an hour. And that was still in the morning, when most people are at work or at school. Imagine what it’s going to be like in the evening. What I did not like is that Blizzard didn’t let us know when the wrath of Lich King pre patch is launching, All we knew was that it’s going to be between 3am and 11am for the EU after the maintenance is over. So that was an eight hour window, unlike private servers, which give you not only the exact hour of the launch, but also the exact minute so I was unable to prepare and thus there was no big peak at launch. Probably a good idea from the lag and server functionality perspective. But I still don’t appreciate it. Heck, I don’t even know until now when the EU and na servers actually launched for the first time. I don’t even know how late I was to the party. If anybody watching this video knows please let me know in the comments. And while we’re at it, let’s also address the warming situation.

Warming is now dead. It’s quite the opposite. It’s alive and well. Bunch of people still actively doing a Black Rock round the number On the website, which many people still believe are rigged, are showing over 10,000 people online in the early morning and over 17,000 people online in the early afternoon. So it seems like watermain is doing just fine despite wrath of Lich King classic. As soon as I logged in, I checked what is the maximum level of players online at that point there was already wondering I Paladin level 21 Alliance and two Blood Elf Paladins level 20 on horde. I then checked again at 1330 eu time five hours later. And there was a level 31 Draenei Paladin and three level 28 Blood Elf Paladins all from the same guild by the way, so they’re probably leveling together aiming for the real first there’s of course the joys journeys XP buff active which boosts the experience gain by 20% during pre patch. So this is the best time to level at character up to level 70 There are a few more things that I like and a few that I don’t like about wrath classic. So far, couple new features introduced better resolution for character portraits and so on. There’s a new feature for how you group up with other people.

You have the OG classic invite when you are not in a group and you want to group up with someone in the open world, or you are in a group and you are the leader, then there’s this suggest invite option. If you are already in a group and you are not the group leader, in case you want to invite somebody that is already in a group you can request to join group and they can invite you the downside to this is that the request will be pending until they accept your request or reject it. So it can take quite a while and during this time you are unable to invite anybody else in the group. So on one hand a really handy feature on the other very restricting to there shouldn’t be like a five to 10 second time limit to accept the request in my opinion 3.3 point five patch add ons are mostly not working or glitchy. These are add ons that you would normally use on any other reference which can private server such as warmane or wild circle. That means we will most likely have to wait until the adults are accessible for download in the wrath of Lich King classic version on the web.

So these were a couple things that struck me during the first few hours of Wrath of Lich King classics pre patch being life overall and it looks really good. The leveling will take ages but I’m going to enjoy it as much as I can. No pressure, no rush, just playing the game and having fun. We’ve been waiting for this for so long and it’s not disappointed me yet. Thanks for watching and see you in the next one boys and girls. . Ofcourse you can buy Skyfury Gold, Maladath Gold, Thekal Gold and Giantstalker gold from our partner websites. Don’t forget to visit the WOTLK website is you are looking to buy WOTLK Classic Gold.

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