Hello world! We Love Shadowlands!

We are bringing back and reinstating our old website SMOC, this time dedicated purely for gaming. We are most impressed with the way things turned out with Shadowlands. Truly, it is a different experience than Battle for Azeroth. For the record, many will agree that it exceeded the expectations of many. Surprisingly, World of Warcraft: […]

Updated: WoW Shadowlands Hotfix: Patch Notes, Updates, Nerfs, Buffs, Covenants, Castle Nathria, Torghast & more

WoW Shadowlands has been improved with almost daily hotfix updates. These are the latest changes! Let’s go over the latest WoW Shadowlands hotfix update. Latest News – New Hotfix Arrives 12 January A new WoW Shadowlands hotfix update went live on 12 January – continuing with changes related to covenants, Torghast, Anima Powers, and more. […]

Why WoW Shadowlands? The 10 New Expansion Features

Shadowlands might be the biggest change of pace World of Warcraft has seen yet. These are the most important new features players should be aware of. The largest heavyweight in MMO gaming is about to deliver a serious haymaker. World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment has never taken to resting on their laurels, constantly feeding their loyal […]