WoTLK Fresh Servers Release Date and Picking Servers
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WoTLK Fresh Servers Release Date plus Picking Servers

What’s up brothers wo back again with another video. And today we’re gonna talk about restless King fresh servers and rental, this king possible release date speculations, stuff that’s going on with social media and things with people like streamers, seeing what they’re saying. And then we’re also going to talk about a little bit briefly, I might make a form more full form video on how to essentially choose your fresh server, what type of fresh servers are gonna be good, if you want to pick something like a bigger server, or possibly even they might even bring like RP, and PvP and PvE and stuff like that.

So we’re gonna talk about that a little bit too, as well. And we’re also gonna talk about some of the news today, some of the PTR news that just happened, but let’s just get right into it. So what the PTR news here basically got updated with pre patch. So TBC pre patch now has TBC PTR, rather, now has the pre patch on there. So let’s go to the pre patch is now being uploaded. So that means we are only a few weeks out from the fresh servers, which is really good. My prediction was like August 26, or 27th, I think. And that was for Yeah, August 26, I think was my was my prediction, which is a Friday, but I’ve heard of things coming out on either the 25th or even like a Monday or Thursday. So that’ll be the 25th or the 29th.

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So we do have those dates now. And we’ll just jump into that section of the video now, which is just the speculation for the release dates. As far as that goes, We have a tweet from Brian Birmingham, who said I don’t have a specific date to announce, and we wouldn’t hear in any case. But our plan is to have it between two and six weeks prior to the launch date, which was announced this week are still on track when launch is six weeks out, you can expect pre patch within the month. So this was August 1 That this was tweeted. So the speculative tweet was kind of a little bit a couple of days ago, I kind of missed this.

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Now with four days later. Now we do actually have the pre patch on the PTR, which is really good. So that’s going to be taken care of and people are testing that now. Hopefully to get rid of some of the bugs I heard some of the wrath of Lich King has like a lot of bugs. Right now there’s some of the quests don’t even work for ICC and all these different dungeons and stuff. They’re just not working properly. So hopefully they can get this all ironed out. Because I’m sure investors really want them to push for the 27th 28th ish.

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Now that was on my dates, I want to talk about the fresh servers release the exact release date, my speculative and release date is between the 25th of August and the 29th or 30th of August, I think those two those two big dates 25th and 30th, I really think we could see the release date. Now someone did post the exact dates that we could see have an actual release date for these fresh servers. Now the absolute earliest we could see the fresh servers is August 16. And then another date that they predicted was August 23, or 30th. These are all Tuesdays again, I’ve have seen that I pretty sure one of the one of the fresh servers came out on like a Monday or a Thursday. So it doesn’t always come out on Tuesday.

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But that’s just a speculative date. Also, August 16 is another date, nobody really thinks that it’s going to be past August 30, which would at least give us four weeks. If it is after that point, or conda. Looking a bit rough and fresh servers might not be taken seriously, let’s just hope that it comes out by the 30th. After that point, we have maybe the sixth of September, and then at the latest would be the 13th of September, and that would be really bad. So if it does make it to that point, fresh servers are kind of in a bad spot. So we’ll see I really don’t think they’re going to wait that long. I honestly think that they’re going to push it out this month and get it in by August. Let’s be real. If we don’t get the pre patch at least three to four weeks before it’s going to be super rough. I really do think that most will hit level 60 By week two people need a third week to hit level 60 get their gear right get get their gold up stuff like that and get ready to go have their mounts reputations up and things of that nature so that they can push for higher levels once the wrath of lich king does come out.

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Now obviously gear is gonna get replaced almost immediately. I heard some of the trinkets are insane and some of these dungeons so all your gear is going to be immediately out of the door as soon as you kind of get to wrath and you start to level up past 70. But as far as everything else goes, we really I really do think that pre patch is going to need those three weeks because when pre patch comes out if you don’t understand pre patch is essentially when wrath freshers will come out. So pre patch and wrath fresh aligned with each other. So the pre patch comes out and then we will get between to like they said between two to six weeks to level from one to 60 or one to 70 rather so that we can get our characters ready for wrath. So that’s how the fresh servers are going to work is they’re gonna come out a month or two to six weeks prior. So when the actual wrath of Lich King comes out.

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So we’ll we’ll have time to do that. And I really do think that we’re going to need at least three to four weeks I really hope that we get four weeks five weeks would be great. Although I do think six weeks is quite long. I don’t think we need six weeks I think six weeks most people are going to fall off and then we could talk about the next segment of this video which is that unfortunately from a lot of people that I’ve spoken to I’ve spoken to a different a couple different streamers just kind of through chats anytime I type in someone’s chat it gets read I think I think it’s because my name is pretty short and it’s easy to read it’s Utopia on Twitch so you want to go ahead and follow me there that’d be cool as well.

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Shameless plug but talking with some of these streamers and in chat Tali for example, I don’t have the other ones recorded. I can’t remember who all it was. It was a few of them. I talked about tally Tally said he’s gonna play fresh servers. Now again, I have no bias here, whoever whatever you think about some of these streamers. I’m just like trying to figure out engage what’s going on? On for you guys going on for what myself or what I want to do, because I don’t know if I really want to push on fresh servers and level the 70 and then not even play it. I think that’s what a lot of these social media influencers are going to call them streamers are going to do, I really do think that they’re just going to push to level 70 And then probably quit just on the hype train. I honestly though even if you are going to play non fresh servers, I really do think that it’s you’re not going to get burnt out leveling one to 70 with a 50% XP increase. A lot of it’s going to be dungeon farm if you’re into that.

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My recommendation is if anything, just hop on for the first day level to 12 you know if you’re playing Alliance, I don’t know if horde has something like this. But hogger is like meme Dawn, like just go kill hogger it’s so much fun. You’re like level 11 or 12. And you get a group of five people together and you go kill this like open area boss like I play a gnome, but I still go to the human zone to do things like hogger and all that stuff because it’s just it’s so much fun at Classic while beta was peak for me, it gave me Halo three vibes it gave me like these older vibes of these games that really really reminisced with me. And it was just like a lot of fun to play these older games and actually enjoy them.

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But as far as that goes, I really do recommend just playing for the first day hop on level two, like 10 or 12. Take give yourself a little break, especially if we have three plus weeks, you’re gonna get to level 60 Level 70 No problem, not a big deal at all, especially if we if we can get those additional weeks in like four or five weeks, then you will definitely hit level 70. If not, you’ll be up there. I really do recommend just to try it out for day one, it’s probably going to be super high up. I do think a lot of these streamers, they’re going to be playing for a couple of days. But I don’t know if the streamers will stay.

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They’ll definitely play the first few days though, because everyone’s going to be on the fresh servers, no one is going to be sitting on TBC prepaid, if anything the last like week or to before wrath launches, I think people will hop on TBC servers and kind of just either get their character ready to go clear out their bank clear out their bags kind of have all the essentials ready. But most people including streamers are going to be playing wrath fresh. Even if they don’t continue play after the pre patch period or after the period that we can level the 70 I still think that people are going to play for quite a while I even think as Ben will probably hop on just for the day. I think a lot of these big streamers, big influencers are going to hop on and play for at least the first couple days. And if they do that will definitely help with retention, although it might make it worse.

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Now that brings me to my next point totally kind of brought up something when we were talking about fresh servers, he brought up the the factor that if a lot of people and a lot of streamers, hop on for the beginning of fresh servers and they’re playing and after they get done leveling, they might not stay, they might not play anymore. Once wrath, Lich King comes out, they might go back to their mains and play on the wrath of Lich King regular servers once prepatch period is over, I still do think that this is going to be a lot of fun, I don’t think that anybody will get burnt out, you know, even me if I hit level 70. And I decide to go back to my main once wrath actually does come out. And it’s not the pre patch period, I still don’t think I’m going to get burnt out because TBC lasted a couple months for me maybe a little bit longer.

And it would have gone a long time because I was raid logging. But I had I was in the Olympus Guild and that was really cool. And that was why I kind of kept playing was because it was like the people that are around made it so much fun. There was a free roll guild that was enjoyable. The guys were great. And then on top of that, whenever I’d walk around town, people were like, Oh, you’re an Olympus you know, I was kind of a little bit of a brag factor. Let’s not lie about that. Other than that it was fun. You know, it was a good time. And every time I logged on TBC I was having a good time I was having fun, either jokes or being even if it was like a little bit of banter, it was still fun, it was still enjoyable. Even if you’re wiping I still had a good time. Maybe some people weren’t, but I was having a good time with it.

So my main factor on it is that if people do leave off the fresh servers, it’s still going to be just fine. And I don’t think it’s going to be that big of an issue. But I think the main issue is that tally brought up is that a lot of these influencers and streamers are going to go play the fresh servers, they’re going to blow them up with these huge numbers especially if someone like azmin or somebody else somebody big goes to one of these servers and then all these people are there and they might have like high numbers but then once wrath of Lich King actually does release people the numbers might not be there so that brings me to my next point on choosing a server choosing a fresh server and how you can go about that so how to go about choosing a fresh server is normally pretty simple especially with some it was just joining discord servers.

Each server had its official Discord server and a sense official of like player made but they’re usually just one so like it’s a fair Alina has a Discord server that one kind of fell apart but these older servers have discord servers so Psalm had to I can’t remember the names of every all of them I just remember the one John gabber John gabber had like 15,000 members or something crazy like that the other Discord is only had three and 4000 so you kind of go off discord numbers I mean that that is a pretty really good metric simplest form.

I’m just gonna do this really quick and I might make a longer form video but once Freshservice dropped there’s going to be tons of posts on hey, here’s blah blah blah servers discord join this and then you just check the members numbers see kind of how active The chat is kind of taken what the player is maybe it’s an RP server, maybe it’s a PvP server check out the faction balance that’s gonna matter a ton.

So see they’ll probably even have like on Discord servers again I’ll go into this in more detail on another video but they’ll probably have like a section to choose Alliance or Horde, and then you can kind of see how many players aren’t either side that’s a big factor, but I figured I would just include this on the end of the video. If you like it, subscribe. I would appreciate it so much. Thank you so much guys for everything to the next deuces.

All of the new servers were listed on this WOTLK website and Gold4Vanilla.

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