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20+ Places to Buy Synergie Gold for the Private WOTLK WoW Server (AKA Sindragosa Gold)

Synergie is an exciting new Private World of Warcraft WoW Server Project featuring the WOTLK – Wrath of the Lich King version of the game. No doubt, the most popular version of the game where players embark on the frozen continent of Northrend to combat the Lich King Arthas and its undead minions. is a project born by merging and, both which excelled with their own private WoW Server. Below you will find a list of the 20+ pages and websites from where you can buy Synergie Gold.

1) Gold4Vanilla
The most popular shop. Visit their Sindragosa Synergie Gold page.

2) DDClub
Deuces & the Diamonds (DDCLUB) offers players the ability to buy Synergie Gold as well.

3) Synergie on Facebook

Visit this facebook page.

4) Synergie on Twitter

5) Synergie on Pinterest

6) Synergie on Blogspot

7) Synergie on WordPress

8) Synergie on Tumblr

9) Synergie on Medium

10) Synergie on DeviantArt

11) Synergie on Reddit

12) Synergie on Youtube

13) Synergie on Google Sites

14) Synergie on Instagram

15) Synergie on Soundcloud

16) Synergie on Ebeel

17) Synergie on USSR

18) Synergie on Metroflog

19) Synergie on BookmeWin

20) Synergie on Bumppy

21) Synergie on ReuseAlways

22) Synergie on MySpace

I hope you find the list enjoying.

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