New World Coins Available for Sale on Gold4Vanilla

New World by Amazon Games is lurking on the horizon. The highly anticipated medieval-fantasy MMORPG has been in development by Amazon Games, then called Amazon Game Studios since 2016. The game features and fantasy Island of Aeternum, symbolizing Atlantis set in the 16th Century.

Gold4Vanilla has opened it’s website sections for players looking to buy coins for New World. The coins will be the main currency, actually called ‘coin’ – commonly known as ‘gold’ in games like World of Warcraft: Classic.

In many ways, the game is similar to other MMORPG’s and as many others, it feels just like another split of from WoW. Players start as Level 1 characters which can level up to level 60. As you level up you character, you now earn coin instead of gold, which are used in similar way as in other games, for training and spells, gear upgrades.

Amazon Games released the final closed beta testing on 22th July, which saw increase in players – from about 30 game servers known previously, the number increased to well above 100 New World game servers.

The game will be finally launched on 31st of August, which is just a month ahead from now.

Why Buy New World Coins from Gold4Vanilla?

Gold4Vanilla is one of the oldest MMORPG shops for WoW Classic and has been covering Amazon’s New World since 2016. Players are able to have peace of mind while purchasing with strict refund policy and coins being available for all EU / US East / US West / Asia Pacific and South America servers, covering all possible game classes and factions (Covenant, Marauders, Syndicate) on top of it, game accounts and boosting (powerleveling services) available for sale.

The process to purchase New World coins is really simple, pick a server, select the coin amount, submit the payment and wait to receive it, which usually comes in the game mail in just a few minutes from purchase.

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