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Testing – Private WoW TBC Server

So, all of us are obviously heated up for WoW Classic: Burning Crusade. So to remind ourselves of the game, we decided to check upon the existing private WoW servers which offer Burning Crusade on some of it’s realms. While Atlantiss’s Karazhan was thriving past year, some months ago, the Endless GG project released their latest Windrunner realm, as fresh Burning Crusade patch 2.0

I and our guildies obviously joined the Horde, and as usually is on the Burning Crusade, the faction ratio between the Alliance and the Horde is almost 1:2 – There are approximately 35% Alliance and 65% Horde players.

With XP rates of x2, we were able to get to Outland within a week, where the rates change to x1. We are still leveling up, so I will keep this post updates. Right now it’s fun crushing through the Hellfire Peninsula’s dungeons, and getting acquainted with Outland.

Endless WoW Gold is a real mess to obtain since the fast leveling during Azeroth. Right now, most of us can not even properly train spells and abilities. Hopefully these things will change once all of us reach Level 70.

To keep things consistent within our guild, we decided to take upon Aldor instead of Scryer as Shattrath faction choice. It seems we won’t be aiming at the epic flying mounts since a recent leak revealed that WoW Classic: Burning Crusade might launch during 1st of June, so spending 5000 for it goes out of the list, though some of us looked up for WoW TBC Boost services and are considering to experience fast flying on Endless before delving into retail Classic TBC.

It is very cool to get reminded how things work and feel during Burning Crusade. As with Classic, i suppose Blizzard’s version will have a bit different feel as they obviously do not follow the feedback from the playerbase.

Time will tell.

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