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WoW Classic – The Private Way – Fresh Vanilla WoW Realm on Hyjal called Tyr’s Hand

Many of us remember the times before Blizzard’s WoW Classic re-release. It started with the famous Nostalrius Begins, but even before that with plethora of other servers like Kronos, Feenix’s Emerald Dream and Warsong, Northdale, Nighthaven etc.

The players yearn for something fresh. Hyjal delivers: new Private WoW Classic server called Tyr’s Hand. It seems quite hyped, there are about 3000 people in the discord channel just before launch. Worthy to pay it a visit. The server goes more blizzlike than blizz, x1 rates with progressive 18 month 1.2 patch progression.

Tyr’s Hand Gold will be available on Gold4Vanilla. On the same page you can find Hyjal Tyrs Hand Powerleveling services as well.

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