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Experience WotLK Again? New Private Server by – Mograine

A really solid chunk of the World of Warcraft playerbase considers WotLK – Wrath of the Lich King to be the golden era of WoW. The “Northren” or “Lich King” version was released in 2008. To my memory, it felt like really improved version of both Classic and TBC, a much smoother gameplay, yet still difficult when compared to the forthcoming Cataclysm and Pandaria versions. is a new private World of Warcraft server project. Their personnel has been developing their first realm called Mograine for several years behind the scenes.

Shortly after the beta testing and it’s launch few days ago (24th January 2021), it was pronounced and awarded as the best WotLK server, guess script wise:

We are very happy to receive the Best Private Server Award 2021 from r/wowservers! With no competition and their immeasurable help with reporting some of realm issues we have won the most prestigious Gaming Award. We are not stopping here, we will continue to bring the best possible experience and fastest development and support for our players and all of wowservers community. Thank you!

It feels like the majority of the population is hailing from Europe, judging by the Polish and Spanish flags on the website, though there is solid online peak of 2500+ US players during peak times. European day / standard times show populations of above 5000 players.

You can register account on If you need some currency, check Gold4Vanilla as usual for Whitemane Mograine gold. Mograine Gold for Whitemane is available on Gold4Atlantiss as well.

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