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Hello world! We Love Shadowlands!

We are bringing back and reinstating our old website SMOC, this time dedicated purely for gaming. We are most impressed with the way things turned out with Shadowlands. Truly, it is a different experience than Battle for Azeroth. For the record, many will agree that it exceeded the expectations of many. Surprisingly, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, “took away” the majority of the WoW Classic population, as a popular vote on the most famous WoW Classic Instagram page can reveal from the poll result: 

WoW Classic VS Shadowlands Poll

@vanillaclassicwow on Instagram

WoW Shadowlands: What’s Different Now?

The level cap was reduced to level 60. Sylvanas broke the Helm of Domination and Azeroth was shattered, opening the doors the Shadowlands dimensions. This is in short. An article written on Polygon explains everything briefly, in the same way as we would describe it. For me personally, it means taking out the boring parts of BFA. The level cap change shifted the gruesome and boring level to 120, especially for people like me who level many alts on many different servers. What lingers in my thoughts is: why WoW Shadowlands Gold was not reduced appropriately as the level cap was. In my opinion, this creates some inconsistencies, but nevertheless it is a very exciting expansion to come. After Wrath of the Lich King, perhaps Legion and Shadowlands would be my only picks.

Shadowlands Gameplay

Is it worth playing before you re-sub and “waste” months of your life on it. Check this video which covers it all:

Last but not least, WoW Shadowlands includes a drastic graphics update. You can truly get the feel of it on the following two videos:

So What’s Up with WoW Classic Now?

Classic is still topping the charts but it seems as Shadowlands has taken the prime lead. World of Warcraft: Classic advanced beyond Naxxramas, which was the final content. For large chunk of the playerbase, there is nothing else do to PvE wise beyond that point, except for rerolling with alts or venturing into R14 PvP. On Youtube we can see that many guilds still can not push down Kel’Thuzad in Naxxramas. The flasks are not cheap, so many players turn to buying Classic WoW Gold. Believe it or not, buying gold for Classic is still very actual. I can see that many players prefer custom tailored EU/US based websites like Gold4Vanilla instead of the usual China-spam found just about anywhere.

Beyond Classic and Shadowlands: The Burning Crusade

Vanilla lovers will have a happy news very soon. Blizzard announced that “TBC” – The Burning Crusade Classic retail version is underway. Burning Crusade was the first World of Warcraft version released in 2007. Players will advance beyond the Dark Portal into the shattered world of Outlands to combat the Burning Legion. The update features improved level cap to 70, flying mounts, Draenei and Blood elf race. There is no scheduled release date but it will most likely be released sometime during the summer of 2021 or sooner. For people who would like to get a feel of the “real TBC”, we suggest checking on the Atlantiss Karazhan server. is a private WoW Server project which has made perhaps the best Burning Crusade version so far with leveling rates of x2 up to level 58 and x1 level rates from 59-70. Gold might be a hassle for new players so do check the Atlantiss Gold websites like Gold4Atlantiss. If you are looking for WoW TBC Powerleveling, TBC Classic Accounts or any kind of Burning Crusade boost always check Gold4Vanilla.

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